Professional Tree Care Experts Provide Summer Care Tips

Tree lovers anywhere know just how much care trees need to stay healthy, beautiful and safe from any harm. The different weather conditions dictate the kind of care trees require to stay healthy. 

Weather in the summer can be harsher than normal and trees, especially younger ones, require special care different from the other seasons to survive the intense heat and droughts.

Tips To Keep Your Trees Strong and Healthy Throughout Summer

Tree Evaluation

Getting tree experts to evaluate any trees on and around your property just before the summer is a great idea as any summer storms that occur could cause weak limbs to fall and damage your building or vehicles. Cabling is one of the solutions to weak limbs and trees that pose imminent danger.

Soil Care

Tree problems could also arise from unfavourable soil conditions like compaction and poor aeration or lack of nutrients.

Aeration, correct fertilizer application and decompaction help trees grow better and stay healthy.


Pruning in the summer is great because it helps identify and remove the defective, dead or infected branches of the trees keeping them beautiful while preventing disease spread. Excessive pruning could lead to stress and heat scalding and so calling on tree care experts to do the pruning ensures that the trees are getting the best care. 


Trees require adequate watering in the summer when the weather is hotter to help them stay healthy.

Deep irrigation should be done in the morning bi-weekly for maximum results and should not be done in excess. Excess watering causes poor soil aeration and clogging.

Pest Inspection

Some pests are more common in the summer as the weather is optimal for their growth. Pest infestations can permanently damage trees and should be watched out for.

Some common summer pests include aphids, wilt, root rot and spider mites. Tree care experts can help in inspection, pest identification and eradication.

Where To Get The Best Summer Tree Care Services In Macon, GA

Complete tree care is important to have healthy trees and most of the time, it can be stressful and labor-intensive. Having experts who are trained and love to take care of trees helps to ease the burden while keeping your trees safe, beautiful and healthy.

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