Tree Removal Permits and Ordinances in Macon, GA

Most people are surprised when they realize how seriously their city takes preserving its trees, and Macon, GA, is no different. For example, homeowners wanting to remove a tree from their yards isn’t uncommon; the tree may have grown big enough to block natural light from entering the house or is threatening to fall and cause property damage. 

However, residents are often caught off guard by the rules and regulations surrounding tree removal and face severe fines because of the lack of information. The professional arborists at Twisted Tree Service offer expert tree removal service in Macon, ensuring all the rules and regulations are followed to the letter. 

However, even if you’re hiring professional services, it’s good to know the rules yourself so you can avoid legal trouble in the future.

Tree Removal Permits

While the requirements for a tree removal permit vary from state to state, in Macon, GA, one is required before you can cut down any tree within the city. The purpose of the restriction is to maintain Macon’s natural canopy as much as possible while also protecting vulnerable tree species.

Criteria for Requiring a Permit

Most trees within Macon, GA, are considered city property, so the regulations surrounding tree removal require you to have a permit before working on them. However, there are a few exceptions; for example, if a tree is dead or judged to be a threat to the public, a permit isn’t required to remove it. 

Additionally, you don’t require a permit to remove any tree less than 6 inches in diameter (or more when the tree is growing on private property).

How To Apply for a Tree Removal Permit

Applying for a tree removal permit is a relatively simple, if prolonged, process. First, you must fill out an application and submit it to the Parks and Recreation Department. Some of the information you’ll be asked to provide include: 

  1. Your Name
  2. The Location Address: Allows city officials to pinpoint the area that you want a tree removed.
  3. Property Details: To help determine the sensitivity of the surrounding land and how much of an impact the removal of the tree might cause—each application must contain a detailed report of the property which shows the number of trees on the property, the value of the tree to be removed, how it will be removed, etc.
  4. Reason for Tree Removal: The motive behind removing the tree—remember that Macon, GA, is protective of its canopy, so your application will be rejected if you’re removing a tree solely for cosmetic reasons.
  5. Tree Species: Your application could also be rejected depending on the tree’s species—without prior written approval, you may not remove Macon, GA, ornamental trees such as dogwoods, magnolias, or flowering fruit trees. 

After you’ve submitted the application, you’ll usually receive the results within five business days. If your permit application is denied, then you have 15 days to appeal the decision.

Emergency Permit

There are situations where a tree is an imminent danger to your family’s safety or the health of your property. In these cases, verbal permission from the Macon arborist division is acceptable to expedite the process.

Professional Tree Removal

All the hoops you have to jump through to remove a tree from your property may seem like a hassle, but, fortunately, the tree experts at Twisted Tree Services have you covered. Our trained employees have extensive knowledge of Macon’s tree removal regulations and strive to make the process go as smoothly as possible. 

If you’re looking for the best Macon, GA, tree service around, just call Twisted Tree Services at 478-550-3504 and schedule your appointment today!

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