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Although there are many benefits to having trees on your property, there are times when you are left with no choice but to remove them. Hazardous trees that have structural defects could potentially cause injury to people or damage your property. Such trees should be evaluated by a certified arborist so they can determine the best solution.

What Are the Signs It’s Time to Remove a Tree?

Deciding on when to remove a tree can be tricky. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that can help you decide whether it’s time to say goodbye. They include:

1. The Tree is Dead

When a tree is dead, it no longer provides any benefits such as water retention, aesthetic appeal or shade. Instead, it poses safety risks as its structural integrity has been compromised and branches can fall suddenly and injure someone or damage your property.

2. Signs of Disease or Decay

A diseased tree is susceptible to pest infestation which can pose a safety risk to the surrounding trees. An unhealthy tree can also cause property damage as their structure becomes unstable.

3. The Tree Was Damaged in a Storm

Extreme weather conditions like storms can cause considerable damage to trees. In some cases, the damage can lead to complete blow-over, root failure, a crown twist and stem failure. Unfortunately, many trees that have suffered storm damage will die and pose risks to you and your property.

4. There is a Risk of Damage to a Building

Is your tree beginning to encroach onto your building? A large root system spreading to your home’s foundation can damage your property which can result in expensive repair. Same is true for branches that are standing in your way. They can engender personal injury on your property.

Where to Find the Best Tree Removal Service in Warner Robins, GA

Removing a tree is a dangerous work that can pose significant safety risks if undertaken by someone who doesn’t have prior experience. This is why you need a professional tree removal service like Twisted Tree Services to safely remove the affected tree.

Twisted Tree Service is licensed and insured to protect your family and property from any mishaps while we are working on site. Their tree removal experts are properly trained and well equipped to handle both residential and commercial projects safely and efficiently.

If you have any concern about the health or safety of any tree in your landscape, consult an expert today to have an onsite evaluation. For more information, call Twisted Tree Service at 478-550-3504 for more information.

Our Emergency Tree Removal specialists are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any dangerous tree situation. We provide all types of tree trimming and tree removal services for homes and businesses:

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