Tree trimming and pruning keep trees stable, healthy, and beautiful. They also prevent diseases and stop pests from spreading. However, tree trimming and pruning are pretty demanding tasks. They require not only the proper tools and equipment, but also skills, experience, and precision.

Fortunately, you do not need to worry because our team of certified tree experts at Twisted Tree Service has got you covered to trim and prune your trees in a safe and efficient manner.
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Cutting down a tree is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it is a dangerous and difficult task that takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish. The exact amount of time needed to take down a tree depends on various factors such as tree size, location, and other vegetation surrounding it.

However, you do not need to worry as Twisted Tree Service can deal with any tree removal project with the help of our expert team that uses only the latest tree removal tools and equipment in the market. We provide professional tree services for both residential and commercial properties in Macon, GA and the surrounding areas.


Twisted Tree Service is fully prepared to deal with any damage that your trees may suffer when storms happen. We have the specialized skills, experience, and equipment to help you with any kind of tree emergency. We are also fully licensed and insured so you do not have to worry about any problems that may occur while we are working on your property. We also offer a wide range of emergency tree services including tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, post-storm assessment, debris disposal, and more.

We are fully committed to restoring your property to its pre-storm condition as quickly and efficiently as possible while adhering to strict occupational safety and health standards. Just give us a call and we will not stop until your outdoor spaces are clean and safe again.


Stump grinding and root removal must not be done haphazardly due to the many risks and dangers associated with these tasks. If not done properly, stump grinding may actually cause some serious problems. For instance, there is an increased risk of fire or accidentally cutting into underground pipes while trying to remove unwanted tree stumps. These are only some of the many reasons why it is wise to hire a professional tree company like Twisted Tree Service to safely and efficiently remove stumps and other tree remains from your lawn.


The problems that storms can leave in their aftermath should not be ignored. However, they are best left in the hands of certified professionals, especially if you do not have the necessary skills and equipment for the task. Fortunately, Twisted Tree Service is always ready to take immediate action after a big storm. Our professional cleanup team has been trained and equipped to safely get rid of any hazardous trees and other debris on your Macon, GA property.

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